ealing dove foundation is an NGO in Mumbai which works towards the rehabilitation of young groups. This NGO works for the betterment of the society and its people. This organization aims at supporting and guiding their beneficiaries. YES, is the project initiated by Healing Dove Foundation.

YES, stands for Youth Emotional Support. This project aims at providing emotional support, to people in emotional distress. It helps us to acquire skills to emotionally support ourselves and to support others. Under project YES, basically the youth is trained to make this society a better place to live, by supporting people and relieving their emotional distress. Yes, YES can act as a medium to connect youth together. This project provides a big platform for today’s young generation to connect and make better relations with each other, irrespective of anyone’s race, religion and gender.

Under this project you work with LGBTQIA+ community, students, widows and other communities, which gives youth the exposure about the society, their hassles and the possible techniques that can be applied for the betterment of them. This project binds the young generation together and ties the bond of trust and warmth among them. Young people work together and get to know each other, acquire each other’s techniques and ways of doing work and all this bridges the gap among them. If the young generation join their hands and come together, this world soon will be a happier place.

My own experience at this foundation is very great, all my colleagues are very welcoming and warm. Despite of the fact that we all belong to different cities, culture and religion, we all come together for the betterment of our society and to provide emotional support to our beneficiaries. All of us help each other, support each other and live like a family. So, I can say now that I have one more family of all youngsters coming from various place and we all have each other’s back. And I can proudly say now that I am a part of this project which binds the young generation together and help us to know each other and work like a family.

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