Are you a Psychology student? Are you looking fora good Psychology internship which will help you gain knowledge?

If yes then well you are at a right place, by the end of this blog you will get answers for all of these questions.

Just having a good degree is not enough in today’s world, Pertinent work experience is now as valuable as our degrees and grades. Therefore, Internship nowadays has become an essential way to help candidates to stand out.

Hi, I’m Sneha, a psychology enthusiast currently pursuing BA (Hons) in Psychology. I have been searching for an internship since my first year of college, and honestly, I didn’t find any nice internship in psychology for free. Every internship I found was either not worth spending time on or we were asked to pay them to join as Intern.

Tell me, why do you want to join a company and foundation as an Intern?

For gaining practical knowledge and learning new skills which would help you in your future career right! Well Let me tell you one thing during this search of mine for a fine and dandy internship, I came across the HDF Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. Which works with delinquents, specially-abled youth, and the LGBTQI+ community. They train their psychology interns to conduct training programmes for the youth. It was an intensive training programme where psychology interns were trained by the professionals in this field. It was like the icing on cake, an amiable institute plus free internship what else do you want?

So before starting up with the internship we had to go through 2-3 weeks of training. This training program started with really light topics such as blogging, which slowly started taking complex but vital topics such as support groups. During this I learned a lot about the things I didn’t know, every day is new with new learning, new ideas, new topics.

Training Program

Our training program started on a really nice note. Our mentor was Nitin Shah who was really humble and supporting mentor introduced himself and just by that minimal talk anyone could say that one can always look up to him without any worry or fear of being judged. It wasn’t like I was the only one in the training session, there were about 22 others with me and still no one ever felt left out and he never left a doubt back. This training program consist of different topics which I listed below:

Topic 1: Blogging

Blogging seems easy but trust me it isn’t. If you get into technicality, you will see creative writing, blogging is another sort of tension but Nitin sir made it look so easy, he told us various pointers to enhance our writing skills and to make blogging easy and more relatable. We learned about different parts of blogs and how to write them; like Blog format, ending etc.

Topic 2: How to conduct Webinars

If you want to grow in the psychology field you should know how to connect to people and how to conduct webinars. I believe as psychologists once in a while everyone has to conduct or attend webinars as host or guest, so it becomes essential for us to understand how to do it. And asper I have seen no organization teaching about how to conduct webinar and that too in such details.

Topic 3: Talk it out Secession

Before this secession I didn’t really know about talk it out secession, I used to consider Talk it out secession and support group same. But when I entered this session the first thing my mentor cleared was that these two things are different. We were explained in detail how to conduct a talk it out secession and were asked to write a script for the same. After that to make it clearer we were divided into groups and were asked to conduct secession among us turn by turn, which helped it get a better script and clarity about how to conduct the secession.

Topic 4: Survey

Surveys are an essential part for research papers, webinars, conduct support groups or even if you want to create an article to influence a vast audience. I never thought about surveys so much before, but during this session I came across them and how to conduct it in proper structured matter. They covered various topics like target audience, Topic, formats of questions etc.

Topic 5: Support group

Honestly this was the hardest part, but Nitin sir tried to cover every possible question and tried to simplify it for us. He explained every part of and gave examples in every bit. And even after all this for more clearance, he conducted 3 secession support groups on brand building, crystallizing our thoughts about both the topic and how to conduct support groups. After that as an ending we were asked to write a whole flow for a support group leading to wrapping our head better around it.

After this Training session I personally felt more confident and got a sense of professionalism, with a clear view of how to be in and manage the professional world. I just joined this internship for a certificate with a normal mindset but end up getting great knowledge and confidence to move forward in this line. It really initiated my Personal and Professional growth. I can say this internship is one of the best one can have if they want to attain knowledge and initiate self-development.

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