Preparation for Future Challenges in this Competitive World

When most people think of challenges, they think of hardships and drawbacks, conflicts of unawareness that are impossible to get over! But this is pessimistic and actually can be overcomed. Healing Dove Foundation is optimistic and avoids these situations from the start by addressing actual day-to-day issues that the underprivileged students could actually face in the future, and answering baffled children’s questions in real-time.

HDF gives advice and life lessons to their students
The counselors of HDF teach important lessons to the lesser children. Just in the last week itself, the kids were told to always have a plan B in life, not only in their career but also as individuals to maintain tranquility and remain calm. This optimistic message prepares the students to avoid situations like panic, depression or disturbance.

Another insight was shared when the counselors and children discussed their pastimes and hobbies. The counselors encouraged the kids to continue with their passions, such as poetry and writing stories, despite how distressful the situation may become, as this boosts mental and emotional strength which is an essential key to coping with the challenges and being smarter than any future potential competition in the world.

Additionally, the counselors of HDF always use easy-to-communicate language (children’s native language such as Hindi or English) and maintain a comfortable approachable environment which makes their advice so understandable and effective to the children.

Activities that help stay ahead of the game
Quite often, past the introductory sessions, the aptitude tests of reasoning (numerical, special, abstract, mechanical, mathematical and verbal reasoning), test the children’s logical skills and give them a challenge like one they may face in the real world too. This makes the children more prepared than they otherwise would be compared to future rivalry they may come across in the future in their jobs and careers.

Putting children in situations where they would have to think and tinker their way out will certainly prepare them for this, especially aptitude tests suited to the child. Moreover, the Healing Dove Foundation ensures that underprivileged children are brought to the level of common ground where all children of all castes, religions and sexes have an equal chance to a future.

HDF provides everything to prepare for challenges
From giving career guidance to learning assistance and mentoring, the counselors of HDF push the kids towards the pathway to success from the beginning of the sessions itself. The counselors at HDF provide all the necessary information needed for the future, such as career paths, internships, institutes, courses available, funding, financial security, job aspects and chances of entrepreneurship to avoid any hindrances in the future.

In this way, children will not be unaware or misinformed about their career or subject of interest when it comes to taking crucial decisions. This boosts underprivileged children’s confidence as well as reduces the risk of failure against hardships.

The constant effort and striving to a brighter future
Everyone everywhere wants to be better than the rest, because that makes you special and gives you better chances of being chosen for job prospects. HDF gives the aid and assistance by guiding and giving that little ‘push’ to the underprivileged children, to give them a chance to at least be eligible for this opportunity.

It’s not just the effort but also the enthusiasm and encouragement that makes them ready for the outside world. The incentive to work, to provide, to compete, to excel and to shine bright in any situation is the cheer that we find at HDF’s sessions as they prepare the children for the best of chances.

Overall, the Healing Dove Foundation, with all its projects, initiatives and awards, successfully shapes the young minds in the right direction for their future prospects and careers. With skillful advice and enlightening sessions, HDF prepares the underprivileged children to be resilient to any dilemma and difficulty their way, against all future challenges in this competitive world. This is the future generation we are talking about after all!
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Project Dash makes a dream job not just a dream
Did you know about Healing Dove Foundation’s Project Dash? Healing Dove Foundation reinforces with passion as it steers marginalized communities down the right path towards economic and psychological reformation and rehabilitation. Not only does HDF flourish with mental health aid, capacity building programs, career-advancing endeavors and other training initiatives to the youth such as activist organizations, but the revitalizing Project Dash is stronger than ever!

Project Dash (Developing A Skill Hub), the skill enhancement and personal level youth training initiative, prepares the young and underprivileged for the hostile business world. This project offers direct beneficiaries and NGOs the life skills and individual evolution a chance to stand on the common grounds for their exciting employment futures. It uses programs designed to fit every child’s needs, constant diagnosing of issues, measuring the student’s caliber and interests, and modules such as Time Management, Leadership Skills, Team Building, Email Etiquette, Resume/CV Building, Effective PPT Making, Video Editing, Planning and Preparation Skills, Business Communication and more so that every learner can conquer the corporate realm. When someone says learning, you most likely associate this with formal education, but learning is actually a perpetual lifelong journey that everybody takes in the course of their life.

What else could you need to be job-ready and sure of success? Soft skills, life skills and training of career oriented skills are an essential aspect covered by the mentors who are recruited and professionally trained by HDF to usher the children to see the light. With Project Dash, disadvantaged groups apply their learnings, and find an increased openness and understanding to their surroundings so that they can adapt and equip themselves with the tools to achieve their own maximum potential and productivity. The standard of life depends on everything you do, especially how prepared you are for the unpredictable future. That is why Project Dash is plays a crucial role to all the young minds.

The counseling sessions of HDF are the highlight of the entire adventure. From Identifying the right NGOs and beneficiaries for adolescents to Strategizing Skills with targeted training modules to fit the interests, strengths and weaknesses of the kid, HDF takes care of it all. HDF’s practitioners institute the perfect training sessions then creating a detailed report on the sessions and boosting them, as well as a plan outlining assistance in forthcoming sessions, so that the child is flourishing with confidence and certainty.

Children benefit from effective authoritative leadership, discovering their own higher potential, team working abilities, better adjustability to changes in environment, and improved retention. When pinned in stressful situations, the kids unlock critical thinking skills, would be able to conduct meaningful research, have highly-developed observation and problem-solving skills, etc. Children can rely on their soft skills to stand out when appealing to careers in AI and technology that have taken over the world and replaced many jobs with automation. Here at HDF, the dream job no longer remains just a dream!

Project Dash has its own perks for everyone, including the trainers, who gets practical experience working with clients, consulting opportunities with a variety of new people, and most importantly, the self-uplifting ability to influence a change in someone’s life towards the better by helping them reach up and touch the goals with their fingertips!

To join this jubilating journey in enlightening the next generation of our world for the ups and downs of life and careers, you can graciously opt to train for 6-8 months, become an NGO partner for 15-22 year olds, or be an inspiring and approachable guru to the underprivileged youth! Contact HDF through socials for the chance to make a difference for the future of our world.

Everyone behind and with Project Dash strives to be at their best as empathy and true hard work shine through the surface. Take a step and be part of exactly what the world and all its marginalized groups needs to taste the stars!

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