Everyone must have read this somewhere, “Visit your Dentist Every Three Months “, “Have a body check “Frequently” but you wouldn’t have heard “Visit a Psychiatrist Every Three Months”, right? That’s because Mental Health is underrated. Sure, the social media tells you to take care of your mental health but basic tips aren’t the only key.

Have you ever wondered what can you get from a Mental Health Practitioner besides therapy? A lot of things actually. You can get clear vision to achieve your goals, you can improve, make and maintain healthy relationships with your close ones, you can get better ways to tackle your emotions and most importantly, you can know yourself better. Now these were the reasons to attend a Mental Health Practitioner when you feel like you’re healthy, fine and doing well.

But often in one’s life, there are stressful times when a person is overwhelmed by work, or maybe a time when someone has lost a closed one and it becomes hard to distract himself from the thought of that loss, or a time when a student feels lost or loses motivation to study just because his career path is yet to be chosen by him. A Mental Health Practitioner can help through all the described problems. Anxiety and depression are common and many times people call it a phase or a “thing inside our head”.

Overestimating or underestimating a disease happens quite commonly in patients. The thing to worry is, that severity of certain mental diseases may get manifested through mind which began pretending or thinking certain away and getting stuck in a loop hole. That’s why it is important to know what you’re going through, have a clear idea of it, and also have the will to overcome it.

Some people are afraid to go to a Mental Health Practitioner and address their issue because they might be embarrassed with their issue. But they need to know, Mental Health Practitioners are one of the most open and understanding people, that’s why they’re there.

In such situations, one should not refrain from addressing the issue, the Practitioner keeps it private and focuses on solving the issue. Because therapy is all about being honest to yourself and the therapist. There is specialist available for problems like Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, or even women with Ante-natal and post-natal mental health complications.

So, one should consider going to therapy for a regular mental health check up because our mind is one of the most mysterious yet the strongest and the most essential parts. Take care of it.

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