We have all had days of loneliness, of immeasurable sadness and even days of suffocation and heartache. But how did we move on from those days? How did we find comfort?

Everyone has their own method of feeling comfort but irrespective of the intensity, the reason or the circumstances of our distress, we all are able to feel a sense of gentle warmth and comfort when we have someone to listen to us and assure their presence throughout our struggles. I believe anyone who has the patience and the kindness to help us or even just sit with us and encourage us while we fight our battles can be called a caregiver.

What does it mean to be a psychological caregiver?

Anyone who provides some kind of support to a person who is struggling and finds it difficult to take care of themselves due to age or illness or a disability or any other reason, can be called a caregiver. They help the person through various methods such as housekeeping, giving financial support, providing medical treatment or even the much needed emotional support.

A lot of people believe that a psychological caregiver and a mental health practitioner are one and the same. But, I believe that a psychological caregiver is any person who provides some kind of psychological comfort to the person in distress.

The responsibilities of a caregiver can be incredibly taxing. As a caregiver, you should always keep a check on your own physical and psychological health, and should make sure to keep yourself from burning out.

While it may sound like an easy job, it is not an easy position to be in. Being a psychological caregiver comes with a lot of responsibilities. One wrong word or action from the caregiver could hurt the person. Hence, it is important as a caregiver to not just watch your own words and actions but also to know your own limits, and refer to professionals when necessary.

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