A Friend and a Guide, for a Lifetime of Success in their Career

“Healing Dove”, as its soft and affectionate name suggests, is a safe haven, for numerous underprivileged youth, who come from adverse backgrounds, seeking direction in their professional lives.

These young, highly energetic and driven section of youth are a determined and sturdy lot, as they have been through countless financial and personal miseries in their lives. They dream of a future, just as any youngster does and Healing Dove helps them nurture those dreams with personalized mentoring of each beneficiary who enters their center.

A mentor is assigned to each beneficiary and through an affectionate and understanding talk, he explains to him/ her, the kinds of career opportunities, that are available according to their skill sets

Most of the youth, who come to our organization are educated in various capacities. Some are just undergraduates. while others have just cleared their class 12 and they are confused and totally aimless about their future.

At this delicate , yet extremely important juncture of their lives, they need a friend, a guide, who can provide valuable guidance to choose the right path, according to their respective skill sets.

The marginalized youth are the most vulnerable set of youngsters, who get wayward in no time and they have an ample number of temptations around them. There are numerous Anti-social elements, people luring them into drug addiction and countless illegal activities. Therefore there is dire need for some organization to help them in staying away from the above temptations and channelizing, their energy in a productive direction.

Healing Dove tries to rope in the youth energy of this segment in such a way, that they understand the significance of their lives and how they can make a fulfilling career for themselves.The guidance provided by the mentor to a beneficiary,acts as a blueprint of his future endeavors, in his career, throughout his life.

The mentor at HDF makes a special effort in establishing an effective and close bond with the young

Beneficiary, so that he is able to trust him and understand the right career path for himself.

The mentor suggests various options available and ensures that he goes ahead towards that path, with full confidence and enthusiasm.

Most of the youth coming to HDF, are from extremely challenging financial and personal backdrops, they are confused and are not aware of their strengths and weaknesses Our mentor understands his dilemma and clarifies all his doubts, and explains to him about various lucrative and beneficial options available in regular or vocational universities. He could opt for them and secure admission in them, post which he could secure a job and have a fruitful and satisfying future.

The friendly bond that he makes over here at HDF, steers him away from a aimless and confused life, to a satisfying one. He is able to form a vivid picture in his mind of his future plans and takes a timid but assured step towards a bright future. This not only helps him, but his family as well, and this is what HDF strongly believes in, that he can usher in a life of hope and happiness, for everyone around him.

Henceforth, one effective mentor guidance gives the beneficiaries life a new direction wherein, he can earn a livelihood and support his family.

Such is the environment of all the centers of HDF, where a large number of youth come, time and again, with the hope to have a better life and each Mentor, helps them in making their dreams come true. It is a zone filled with positivity, where once a beneficiary enters, then he begins a new journey of progress and prosperity.

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