The new generation has redefined the word “homemaker” from the idea that all women should be at home, to the idea that homemakers have great responsibilities in running the home smoothly. A home is a place the family seeks comfort, health, privacy, safety, and security. Homemakers create a warm, inviting, and appreciative environment to make sure the family feels loved and cared for. The new era is recognizing the importance of homemaking. Homemaking is a form of art, and homemakers are artists.

When life becomes hectic with so many responsibilities, it can become physically and mentally exhausting sometimes. While being physically well is important, one cannot ignore mental health well-being. It is important to discuss mental health despite it being taboo in our society. Mental health is a crucial part of our daily lives that deserves our undivided attention.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It plays an important role as it influences aspects including, but not limited to, how we feel, think, behave, make decisions, cope with stress and perform our daily activities. For homemakers, being healthy emotionally promotes productivity and effectiveness in performing household activities and caregiving.

If you are uncertain about how and what homemakers can do to make sure they are practicing and taking good care of their mental health, here is a list of 10 ways homemakers can work towards their mental well-being:

  1. Start your morning with energy and freshness: The responsibility of getting the house up and about is of the homemakers. So, there’s no time to laze around. The first thing to do every morning is to get up and get dressed. Start your morning with freshness. Have a cup of tea/coffee, whatever you like. This will energize you and enable you to effectively go through your day.
  2. Manage your stress, make a routine: Stress is inevitable, but it can be managed by figuring out what triggers your stress, and you can cope with it by making a routine. You can manage your responsibilities by making a to-do list for the day, and resolve the issues throughout your day. This is a simple life hack that helps you realize that your stress is manageable.
  3. Be mindful while cleaning: Another way to tackle and reduce stress is by living more at the moment. You can practice mindfulness. Cleaning is not the ideal place to use mindfulness, but considering it’s a big part of a homemaker’s life, it can be a very useful action. Focus your attention on your work, and finish a segment of your work without getting distracted by other work.
  4. Have self-care hours: Allot some time to try things that you enjoy and have fun doing. If you like going for a walk, painting, watching a TV show, or any other activity that you enjoy, set aside some time on your routine for the day. Taking self-care hours will make you happy and less irritable.
  5. Value yourself: On days your work might seem tedious, and not worth anything. But treat yourself with kindness, and avoid criticizing your work. Without the work you do, there wouldn’t be a place for your family to find love.
  6. Break the monotony: Your routine is what makes you efficient, but it is often recommended that you change the pace of your work, and find alternatives to your rather monotonous schedule. Alter your
  7. Get plenty of sleep: Sleep is one of the most important factors that determine our physical and mental health. Sleep helps in managing your mood and emotions. Hence, it is important that you get enough sleep. You can go to bed early, and take a nap in the afternoon to fulfill your 8-9 hours of daily sleep quotient if your work is unable to allow you enough sleep.
  8. Stay social: Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t interact with others. You can keep in touch with your friends over text and calls. You can also go and interact with your neighbors when you have some time to spare. This helps you in reaching out for support when you’re not feeling great. This also enables and widens your family’s social circle, and increases your chances of being dependable during times of need.
  9. Ask for help: One of the most important ways to keep your mental well-being in check is by recognizing your feelings, and when you’re not feeling great, do not hesitate to ask for help. It isn’t embarrassing to ask for help when you desperately need it. Your work can get overwhelming, and the perk of having family and friends is that you can communicate your needs and feelings with them, and ask for help when needed.
  10. Do what works for you: Despite all these, always remember that everyone is different, and is going through different situations. People will give you opinions, and advice based on their personal experiences. You should remember to listen to them, but change them based on your experiences and situations. Your home is your space!

We understand being a homemaker isn’t easy, you have to play multiple roles, and it must tire you out. But remember, you are EVERYTHING. Homemaking is a diverse career and the most influential career in our society. Do not let the stigma let you second guess yourself. What you do is amazing! While you take care of everybody around you, do not forget to take care of yourself. Cultivate these mental health tips we have provided for you into your daily routine to stay mentally healthy!

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