Conflict resolution between the family members during COVID

Due to the covid a lockdown imposed in different cities; we are all at home with our family. Maybe, some are living alone but most of us are at our homes with families.

Conflicts at home are very normal and, in this situation, it’s even more common. Some people who were actually living alone moved back to their parents’ house due to this situation.

There are times when we all do feel that our privacy is being invaded, maybe by our mom or dad or by our siblings. And it’s totally okay to feel it, because we are stuck at our homes, there will be friction between two or more people from time to time.

But what we don’t want is to hold onto it, to keep it in our hearts and be bitter about it. Because it won’t help us, it will only make our situation worse.

There are some things you can do to make a conflict resolution:

  1. Privacy bubble

    If someone in your family is invading your private space then tell them calmly and try to make them understand things from your point of view. Getting angry, frustrated, irritated or treating them in a wrong manner won’t make it good. It will actually harm your relationship with them, it will create more rifts and it won’t solve the issue because you didn’t put your pov in front of them calmly and in a proper manner.
  2. Family time

    Due to this situation, all of us actually got the time to spend with our families. Because of other commitments, we maybe couldn’t make time for them but now we have time. Utilize it to spend time with your family whenever you are free. Play board games with them like we used to when we were children. Dance to songs with them. Sing with them and work with them if you can. Feel the warmth of your family and if there was a conflict before erase it from your hearts, if it’s something which isn’t that big of a deal. Because they are our family and we should be kind to them.
  3. No technology

    While having dinner don’t be on your phone. Don’t be on your phone all the time just because you are bored when you can actually have a great conversation with your family.

In this time, it’s even more important to converse because of us staying at homes, we as humans are conversing creatures. We need to talk to gain insights into new things, to learn other people’s perception and to just have a good time talking about anything with your close ones.

To avoid conflicts, start doing some physical exercises because your body can also keep your mind calm. Do yoga or home workouts or skip or meditate. Any form of physical exercise will give you a peaceful mind which will help you keep calm in situations where you may be triggered.

Put your energy into creative things rather than using it for arguments or fights. Learn to cook with your mom or siblings. Try out new things with them. Start adapting a hobby which will divert the energy to a positive cause.

If the conflicts are too much, you have tried making the person the issue calmly and they still keep doing it, then go into therapy. Maybe you think it’s because of them but maybe you can be a reason for the conflicts too. Don’t take therapy as a taboo subject. Therapy doesn’t necessarily have to be for a huge issue, it can also be for these small issues that affect our mood and thinking.

If something is stressful enough, then go for a therapist. You can just vent out Infront of them all the negative feelings you have had and also gain an insight by getting to know what the therapist thinks about that particular situation.

If you don’t want to go to a therapist, then write a journal. Writing a journal will help you pour out all of your negative emotions in one place and make you feel lighter. You can also make a gratitude journal, about things like what are you grateful for on a particular day or you can make a goals journal where you can select a goal like not getting angry at your parents when they invade privacy and keep a time limit, write in it every week or day depending on your convenience.

And at the end of the month or week look at all the changes you have made in it, if you could complete the goal or not, what difficulties you faced, any external factor that made you lose hope of the goal. Write it all in your journal and pour it all out. So you can be a calm and happy person because a happy person has a happy family.

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