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Youth-Driven and Youth-Focused

The Healing Dove Foundation (HDF) is a youth-led and driven organization that works towards achieving and establishing sustainable strategies that facilitate the psychosocial and economic reformation and rehabilitation of marginalized communities in India and across the world.
Our mission is to equip the youth and the organizations led by or working with youth belonging to disadvantaged communities, with the necessary skills and expertise required to provide psycho-social and economic support. We try to accomplish that by providing mental health assistance, capacity building programs, career advancing endeavours and other essential training initiatives.


The Healing dove Foundation strives to achieve a sustainable model that facilitates the psychosocial and economic reformation and rehabilitation of marginalized communities globally.

Aims And Objective

We, at healing Dove Foundation, are dealing with problems through SMART objectives.


Our programs provide operational alternatives to our NGO partners aiming for long-term working systems with minimal or no dependency on resources outside the organization. This would enable them to cater to the psycho-social needs of their beneficiaries.



We educate and guide young people in leading programs and being agents of change as project managers, content creators, designers, legal support, web developers, technologists, policymakers, trainers, or administrators

Accessibility and Inclusivity

We work on providing our NGO partners with the tools needed to bring about psychosocial and economic reformation and rehabilitation within marginalized and disadvantaged communities, which include the underprivileged women and children, caregivers and caretakers, youths suffering from disabilities and terminal diseases, the LGBTQIA+ community, etc


Result Oriented

We train our partner NGOs to become self-sufficient by equipping them with the right skill sets and prepare them to develop strategies that will help them cater to the needs of their beneficiaries, even in times of crisis.

Time and Cost-effective

The interest of the organization lies in creating cost-effective measures for our beneficiaries. We train them with suitable skill sets so they can provide long-term mental health support to their beneficiaries at low costs.

Our Partners