Our Team & Partners

Our Team

Nitika Nagar

Nitika graduated with a degree in law from the Symbiosis Law School Pune, post which she joined Bharucha & Partners as an Entertainment Lawyer. Having worked for over 4 years in the social sector, Nitika has successfully run Preshti, an initiative she founded while in college, where she worked to reform and rehabilitate juveniles in Pune. Nitika is also a published researcher, an accomplished Bharatnatyam Dancer and an avid follower of Tennis. A recipient of the German DAAD Scholarship and a nominee of The Women Icon Award, 2016 and the Chancellor’s Gold Medal, 2017 for academic excellence and contribution to the welfare sector. Nitika continuously aims at touching lives through innovation and skill.

Mansi Thakkar

Mansi is primarily a motivational speaker and a Startup Trainer, having spent the past 6 years as a Leadership and Business Coach, Corporate Trainer, Peak Performance Coach and an Author. Mansi’s mission is to provide Innovative and Effective Life Transforming Strategies . Mansi has been recognised as one of the upcoming motivational speakers at a number of award functions and has received numerous accolades for her work. She continues to scale organizations and help individuals realise their potentials and achieve their goals.